Cotton Fingerless Gloves UV Protective Lightweight Single Layer

Cotton Fingerless Gloves UV Protective Coating

$48.00 USD

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Fingerless UV gloves are created to block harmful sun damage while participating in outdoor activities like driving, hiking, cycling, gardening, golf and sports. They are made of ultra soft modal and cotton of natural fiber from beechwood trees—material which is imported from Japan with UV protection. Super soft on your skin and protected from UV rays.  An essential glove to protect your hands that is both stylish and functional. 

Product Info:

  • One Size Fits All
  • Single Layer Short Fingerless Glove
  • Natural fiber suitable for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Stretchable
  • Blocks UVA and UVB rays
  • Fabric: Lenzing Modal® SUN ( 55% Cotton, 45% Modal )
  • Hand Wash Cold; Dry Flat.  Machine Washable.
  • Made in San Francisco.

Lenzing Modal® SUN :

They are the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) cellulose textile which has the property of ultraviolet blocking; clothes made with these fabric have the UPF rate of 15~50+ (Ultraviolet 93~98% blocking) and shall cover the skin fully to protect the human from the influences of solar beam. Material textile protects the ultraviolet fundamentally. Especially, the material textile made of proper substance and texture is more effective in ultraviolet blocking. The textile of UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is much more effective than sun cream.